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“Alles in Allem empfehle ich “The Vile Manifesto” jedem, der mit dem zeitgenössischen Sound des Thrash- und Death Metal  klar kommt. Der progressive Teil wirkt bis auf wenige Ausnahmen wie ein kühles Lagerbier: Frisch und herb, mit einer Note die man vielleicht noch nicht besonders gut kennt, aber gut schmeckt.”


“Supongo que ya lo sabéis ¿no? Efectivamente, destaco, recalco y puntualizo todas y cada una de las tonadas. Más plásticos así hacen falta en este mundillo. De lo mejor de lo poco que llevamos de año. ¡COMPRADLO O MORID!”


“Here the songs are worked out much better and the band has developed a strong individual sound. This is expressed in rather ingenious songs that float on delicious riffs. That is interspersed with fast and flashy guitar work. Usually the melodic dominates over the brutal and every time there is a progressive touch. Together with the vocals of Joao Mateus a lot of smashing moments pass.”


“A fiery goulash of pretty much every extreme metal subgenre being thrown at you from twenty angles might be overwhelming to some, but as one of the writers behind The Outer RIM I think it’d be unsurprising to most people to find out that I don’t care one iota about the frantic pulling of several genres, and even then it’s rather palatable considering I’ve made more cohesive culinary references up to this point.  It’s all very well blended into one continuously complementary flavor palette, as opposed to a trail mix effect where each bite could contain wholly different ingredients and taste wildly different depending on where you reach”


“Sintetizando, o contemporâneo “The Vile Manifesto” é um álbum impiedoso, repleto de dinâmicas melódicas, reagindo e libertando a carga útil proporcionalmente às necessidades. Se nos próximos meses este talento se mantiver, categoricamente estamos perante o melhor ano do underground Nacional.”


“Exciting from start to finish showcasing varied tempo, mood, atmosphere and stunning presence. With flashes of unpredictability tossed in to keep the listener on their toes and plenty of melody to keep those limbs active. Thrash that borders on melodic death without the usual predictability that tags along for the ride. This is a great place to park the ears if the usual arena just isn’t cutting it for the ‘mood of the moment’.”


“What causes this album to be so impressive, besides the band’s evident immense talent, is an excellent production.  Listening to this, one would think they had the budget of a huge, headlining act.  It really is that good.  Their music works because it hits on so many different aspects that make Metal appealing:  technical proficiency, intensity, and groove.  In creating their music, DESTROYERS OF ALL employ a healthy balance of elements so that nothing sounds overindulgent. “


“Ganz mithalten mit den den Genre-Göttern VEKTOR kann “The Vile Manifesto” in der Endabrechnung zwar nicht, trotzdem ist den Protugiesen hier ein mehr als beachtliches Album gelungen, das ich Fans von progressiven Tönen mit ordentlichem Thrash-Einschlag uneingeschränkt ans Herz legen kann. Hier haben wir es auf jeden Fall mit vielversprechenden Newcomern zu tun, die das Potential mitbringen, sich auch dauerhaft einen Namen in der Szene zu machen.”


“Com o novo álbum, “The Vile Manifesto” (2019), a banda mostra o porque merece nossa menção, afinal, andamentos rápidos, produção ótima, vocais ríspidos, além de ótima dinâmica em seu instrumental, abrilhantam a discografia de qualquer Metalhead.”

“The Vile Manifesto est une très bonne surprise. Une surprise, car au premier abord l’enregistrement s’apparente à du death/thrash pas forcément original, bien qu’efficace. Sans être des génies de la musique, les membres de Destroyers Of All constituent une véritable entité où chacun bonifie le matériau selon ses compétences. Du beau boulot de passionnés, à écouter d’urgence si vous êtes friand(e)s du genre.”

“But none of these songs rely strictly on one approach; “The Elephant’s Foot” later trades everything for a softer interlude that leads into chugging territory and ultimately resolves itself to finish strong. The way the band is able to pull this off warrants the progressive label; unexpected turns with advanced instrumental work and strange time signatures. “Destination Unknown” gives the idea of ending, only to drop a groovy, psychedelic lick played completely on clean guitars before returning to form to exit.”

“What rule states that you can’t have the agitating Obscura bass and Animals As Leaders‘ playfully mixed guitar sounds at the same time? The problem is mainly caused from a bygone state of mind, closing doors to new ideas, and to be honest, as long as it’s good music, who cares if it’s called technical death or progressive metal? Jumping from one tempo to another inbetween songs , messing around with the 90’s thrash metal riffs and sticking to some eastern melodies here and there are what Destroyers of All have put in their best after six years of being in the game with mind-blowing resonance.”


“Os Destroyers Of All começam já a demonstrar argumentos que fazem deles demasiadamente grandes para o limitado consumo interno (…) Estes dez temas assentam no death metal técnico e progressivo, mas, a partir dessa base, libertam linhas que acabam por ir ao encontro de outros géneros. Como resultado, The Vile Manifesto marca um novo capítulo na história da banda – um capítulo feito de rigor, maturidade e qualidade capaz de superar limites geográficos ou estilísticos e de projetar o coletivo para um futuro ainda mais promissor. “


“As The Vile Manifesto proceeds, its extreme elements become more and more prevalent, but there’s always a hardy thrash metal core to its proceedings. Bleak Fragments (2016), Destroyer’s of All’s debut full-length, was an impressive and promising effort, but I don’t know if anyone could have quite predicted the prodigious leap in quality the band have brought with their second outing. Regardless of how you want to categorise it, The Vile Manifesto is easily one of the best metal albums released in 2019 so far. “